World’s best two-tone Rolex Explorer 124273

In 2021, the Explorer 39 was discontinued and replaced by the current Rolex Explorer 124270. This marks a return to the 36 mm diameter, the classic size of the watch. In addition, Rolex has introduced a two-tone/dual-color version of the Explorer. This is a bold move, as the Explorer was considered the purest of tool/field watches for a long time. The new Explorer 36 is powered by Rolex’s caliber 3230, featuring the brand’s Chronergy Escapement and a 70-hour power reserve. Interestingly, this new Explorer 36 has 19mm lug spacing, whereas in the past both the 36mm and 39mm versions had 20mm lug spacing.
Until this year, I believe replica Rolex had concluded that the 36mm was the perfect size for the Explorer. Perhaps it is indeed, as this has been the diameter of the Explorer for most of its life since 1953. I have debated many times whether I should buy the 39mm version because that is the one that fits my wrist best. My wife owns the 36mm Explorer 114270, which wears (or looks) smaller on my wrist than my 36mm Day-Date and Datejust.
Now, I’m not a fan of oversized watches at all, especially when they don’t serve a purpose, but I’m an advocate of buying the right size for your wrist. However, the diameter police are everywhere, stating that watches should be no larger than the new “sweet spot” of XX mm (ranging from 35 mm to 39 mm). Frankly, I don’t buy that argument. It would help if you bought a watch that fits you, not blindly conform to certain specifications.
As you can see in the picture above, the new Explorer 40 fits my 18.5 cm (7.28 inch) wrist perfectly. Rolex has increased the size to 40mm without losing the beautiful shape of the replica watch. It is still an elegant model, now (again) available for those with larger wrists. The sleek black dial with 3-6-9 numerals and Mercedes hour hand make it the quintessential Rolex Explorer watch.
I thought about reintroducing the Explorer in a larger size, and at first, I was confused as to why Rolex would reintroduce a 40mm watch. The Explorer 39mm is also great and fits nicely on larger wrists. Rolex could start over with Explorer 39; I think all the drawings and documentation for the machine are still in the brand’s database. But it didn’t take long for me to suddenly think that 36mm and 39mm might be a little too close. With a 40mm diameter, copy Rolex can emphasize the difference between the two sizes. 40mm is for larger wrists like mine and even larger ones. So Rolex has ensured that almost anyone can wear the Explorer, regardless of their wrist size.