Rolex Movement Caliber at a Glance

I once asked an old watchmaker why Rolex’s movements look different from those of other watches. You know, those red reversing wheels, vented rotors, multiple plate bridges, and balance bridges – none of these Rolex movement components look like your typical ETA 2824, 2836 or 2892 movements.Some are design considerations (for example, the rotor and

How to safely open a Rolex watch?

Rolex watch bracelets come with a variety of different clasps, some of which are relatively straightforward to open, while others are a bit more tricky. Older clasps have a small lip at one end that you can easily hook and pull underneath with your fingers. You can also pinch the sides and pull them apart.

Rolex, Patek Philippe lead Bonhams Fine Watch Auction

Two ultra-rare Patek Philippe timepieces from different eras headline Bonhams’ highly anticipated Fine Watch Auction tomorrow (June 15) at its Bond Street auction house. The first is a spectacularly complicated pocket watch, No. 962, an 18-carat gold perpetual calendar pocket watch with moon phases, leap years, and 24-hour indications.The second, a more recent Patek Philippe

News of Rolex Reflects on “Tradition and Integrity”

Rolex hinted at mutual respect for “tradition, integrity and humility” as it returned to St. Andrews to serve as patron of the 150th Open Championship. The brand explained that its partnership with the last men’s Grand Slam of the year is one of its most important.The replica Rolex clock has been decorated for over 40
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Did Rolex discontinue the Milgauss?

Rolex launched a more colorful version of the modern Milgauss in 2014 – the Z-Blue dial, named for its electric blue dial coated with zirconium. Unlike the classic blue watches by Rolex, the metallic blue dial tends to be green depending on the light that hits it. It is still all the same elements as

How long does it take to manufacture a Rolex?

There was once an advertisement claiming that it takes 12 months to make a replica Rolex watch. While this may sound ridiculous, it is actually true. Sure, Rolex can speed up certain models if necessary, but each watch requires so many parts and almost everything is made from the base material inside.Once all the parts

Learn to know the value of your Vintage Rolex

One of the most common questions I receive on a daily basis is how much is my vintage Rolex worth or what is the price of my watch? Since this question has been discussed in-depth on every Rolex Pro forum for years, I am not trying to undermine those conclusions with this report, but simply

Rolex Yacht-Master Ref 116622 Bright Blue Dial

Another upgrade is the solid link bracelet with a spring-loaded Oyster locking clasp. This is a significant improvement over the buckle on Ref 16622. Rolex has also added a new bezel with 120 clicks in both directions. It’s not a game-changer, but it’s still noticeable compared to the previous model. Inside is the same 3135

Is The Classic Rolex GMT-Master II Ref 16710 A Good Buy?

The Rolex GMT-Master II Ref 16710 is an interesting watch. It was launched in 1989 and has been in production for almost 20 years. By all accounts, it is a strong seller for Rolex. This means that there are quite a few in circulation today. Or, in other words, it is not what collectors would

Is The Rolex Yacht-Master Ref 126622 Officially Cool Now?

Is the Rolex Yacht Prestige Ref 126622 a cool watch? I’ve been asked this question – or a variation of it – more and more frequently lately. There was a time, not too long ago, when I didn’t think much about this model. To be fair, neither did anyone else. The Yacht Prestige has always
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