How to safely open a Rolex watch?

Rolex watch bracelets come with a variety of different clasps, some of which are relatively straightforward to open, while others are a bit more tricky.
Older clasps have a small lip at one end that you can easily hook and pull underneath with your fingers. You can also pinch the sides and pull them apart. Newer Oyster clasps have a small lever that must be pulled to open the clasp.
This clasp, found on both the President and Silver Jubilee watches, is very inconspicuous and may cause some confusion for those unfamiliar with it (or maybe you just haven’t taken it off in a while). Fortunately, the answer is simple. Look for the small copy Rolex crown on the bracelet. This crown is a small lever that loosens the clasp with a gentle pull.
Not to be confused with the similarly named Oyster clasp, this form of clasp has a small cap that obscures the friction lock in the Oyster clasp mechanism. This cover can be opened with very little resistance, revealing a tab that can be opened with a fingernail. Watches like the Submariner have a hinge mechanism under the lid that hooks and unhooks to hold the clasp in place.
Your clasp should be able to be unhooked with very little force. If something doesn’t move, be careful not to use it in the wrong place.
Will my Rolex watch stop when you take them off?
Not immediately, or even quickly, although watches wound with automatic movements will eventually run away if they are not worn. This is because automatic movements use the natural energy of the wearer’s movement to keep the watch itself powered. The absence of this activity means that the movement has no power whatsoever.
There is no risk in taking the watch off overnight, but if you want to keep your replica Rolex automatic running, you must at least wear it regularly.
A proper set of tools is essential to ensure that any work is done properly and that no damage is done to the watch. These tools should ideally include
Make sure you are working in a clean, dry, dust-free environment whenever possible. Dust particles contaminate the inside of your watch, even if they are small, and can interfere with the function of highly sensitive components such as the movement.
Once you have gently removed the bracelet ring so that you have full access to the back of the case, leave your hand face down and make sure you know how the back of your particular watch is attached.
Some watch backs are screwed on, some are threaded on, and some are secured in many other ways. Before opening your replica watch, research your watch using the model reference and get as much information as you can.
Once the back is removed, place it gently in a clean place and make a note of any screws or parts that came loose during disassembly. When rebuilding a watch, everything you do needs to be redone, so photos, notes or a good memory will help you.
In addition, Rolex is unlikely to appreciate a DIY repair attempt. If your watch has suffered any damage from being opened at home, this may affect any future service and repair needs.