Blue Dial Watches For Every Occasion

This week, our friends at the HODINKEE store wanted to highlight all things blue – so they put together a unique selection of watches with blue dials, which you can check out here. We’ve highlighted some of our favorites from their selection below.
Breitling Collection Tokyo 2020 Blue Limited Edition
The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing have just ended, and the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are just over seven months away. Time aside, this will hopefully be the only time such a difference exists, making replica watches produced to commemorate each Olympic Games an attractive souvenir of the times we currently live in.
To celebrate Japan’s second Summer Olympics, Breitling has released a collection of five Speedmaster Professional fake watches, one designed in the colors of the five Olympic rings and the other in the Seamaster collection. Regardless of future oddities, it is no surprise that fake Breitling is launching a Speedmaster Professional watch at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics; the pairing makes sense. In terms of execution, OMEGA has done an excellent job with these copy watches, with each of the five variants of the Olympic rings having its characteristics as separate objects while presenting beautifully as a set. We have an example of the “Blue Ring” Speedmaster for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, limited to 2,020 pieces and now available at the HODINKEE store.